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Meet Akua

Born in NY, I put myself through college working 2 jobs, graduated to became a doctor. I raised 2 kids as a single mother and experienced many of the problems I fight about today.  As a professional female, who was a single parent, I grappled with all the issues that face many families today.  I wrestled with raising kids safely while living below the poverty level.  I wrestled with where to live safely so my kids didnt became a criminal statistic. I lived in housing where gun shots were a daily occurrence.  I have made the choices about food or medicine, slept in bathrooms and in my car while in med school taking classes. I have been in abusive relationships and been a member of most of the 'isms' penalized in this country.  It has made me a survivor, who is passionate about social problems, inequality, health and good citizenship.  Having picked myself up by my bootstraps, I am qualified to give an opinion on what people need to do that.  Having lived below the poverty line and raised children safely in bad neighborhoods as a single female parent, I can speak to that as well.  I have an MD, PhD, MBA, am about to complete my MPH, have worked in rural and remote settings around the world, learning and seeing all aspects of life, political settings and countries and seeing what works and what doesn't.  This perspective makes me uniquely in tune with why America isnt working for Americans...and that is what I'd like to change.

Almost forty years ago, I wrote a political paper in my sociology class which examined the fault lines of America and predicted the decline of a great nation. That college paper theorized that the dangers for America did not come from externally since we were well fortified militarily against external foes. I was a young 18yo when I wrote that paper and have been astounded watching the rapid implosion of America over the last 4 years. I am a reluctant entrant into the fray since my passion as a doctor, is creating and delivering cutting edge healthcare services, but the innovative environment and the technology I need to access, flourish in a safe, prosperous country, and since that safe, prosperous, progressive country is now under threat, I have reluctantly decided to stop screaming at the television and do something about it.

America, after all, was built on the premise that 'We the People', are this country, and this country is now calling on us. I am heeding that call. What am I about? One simple idea...for Americans to flourish, we need to maintain that edge we have had for 300 years. My focus is on how we do that. We have allowed cynical crooks and liars to foment anarchy and whip us up into frenzies that have nothing to do with actually doing the things that make us great. The PEOPLES PARTY will bring AMERICA back to its' greatness by focusing on the issues that really matter.

Committee to Elect Akua Agyeman
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