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The cost of TIME

You may ask why this matters.  

I am going to use a reference that might upset some people here, and I apologize ahead of time but please listen first.

Adolf Hitler, despite his tyranny and evil,  turned Germany into an industrial powerhouse in 12 years. While he has, rightfully so, gone down in infamy in history for his murderous rampage and unconscionable behavior, he achieved something for his country that we should pay attention to.  In a mere 12 years, he changed how Germany was positioned in the world, a legacy that endures to this day.

Why do I bring up this man, who so many revile...I revile him also, but I wish to make a point, not about the man, but about what TIME used well, can do.  

We generally in America, give our politicians, 4 years, and if they are lucky, 8, to get the job done. In a congress/senate playing nicely, quite a lot can be achieved in that time, if appropriate agendas are being carried out and this moves the country forward.  Similarly, if that time is wasted, there is a regression that that country suffers that will have repercussions for YEARS in the future...witness the failed states of Africa, that continue to pile on pain that will affect their people centuries into the future.  This then, is the cost of choosing the wrong party.

Having had 4 years of in-fighting on the Hill, we were all hoping that the next 4 years were going to be fruitful progressive ones in which America's interests were put forward, Right!!!, WRONG!!!

Apparently, now that the shoe is on the other foot, the game continues.  Who, then, you might ask is running the country, making sure unemployed hungry Americans are being fed, that budgets are being balanced, that schools are being re-opened and our children being educated.  Who is making sure that we improve our hospitals and never have to deal with a situation like Covid presented us with and that with the next pandemic, or crisis, we will have put robust processes in place to seamlessly deal with the crisis, without critically impacting services, businesses and livelihood of Americans?  No-one!  

Our servants on the Hill, are gearing up to fight another internal war, pitting Republicans this time, against Democrats, and continuing the absolute BULLSHIT (yes, I cursed), of the last 4 years.  This means, another 4 years of no work getting done.  

What did Hitler achieve and in how many years?  Ok, we are planning on wasting 2/3rds of that time...with political in-fighting...and at the end of those 8 years, remember we've had 12 already where this war heated up - 8 under Obama, 4 under Trump.  We are talking about sacrificing 16 years in which tremendous progress should have been made to deal with the issues plaguing America.  Can you see my problem here...

Are you struggling with student debt, housing unaffordability, job loss, deaths due to Covid, need debt relief, financial services regulation, utility bills to be reduced, roads to be built...hell, a FUTURE to be planned for...well, the kids up on the Hill, are too busy fighting to care.  

So what is my proposal...Get The Peoples Party on the Ballot, vote out EVERY Senator and Congressman who is coming up for re-election and replace them with A.P.P candidates, if you want your house back and for real work to get done, and get Akua Agyeman, in for Presidency.  I wont lie to you, if a better candidate comes along for Presidency, I will happily yield my role to them.  But primarily, lets get THE PEOPLES PARTY onto the Ballot.

We, the People, are taking our House back.

Committee to Elect Akua Agyeman
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