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There is a veritable thornbush of issues that affect education and again it is not a simple issue with simple solutions.  Certain broad concepts however are clear...

  1. The status quo will not continue
  2. Funding MUST be dedicated to improving our school, investing in infrastracture, retraining our teachers and providing a better learning environment for students
  3. Students must come to school willing and ready to learn and failure to comport themselves in that way should carry a penalty.  
  4. Guns are NEVER OK in school and we need to start to pay attention to our children so that those suffering and at risk of committing these crimes are identified early, sent for treatment if needed, or punished if that is what is warranted.

Making our classrooms, sites of learning is of critical importance in the next decade and this will be a priority for me and the party.  

I will be expanding on this theme some more in the future as we develop our platform for The Peoples Party and my candidacy.

Committee to Elect Akua Agyeman
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